More about RMS Credits

More about RMS Credits

More about RMS Credits​

How do I use a RMS Credit

To access the RMS platform, on top of the user/account registration requirement, Credit(s) is needed. For a limited time of 30-days/1-month, you will get free access to the platform, and you will be able to add in your Teltonika device to the system.

You can add or top-up your RMS account with Credits, where 1 RMS credit enables you to enjoy the platform, for 1 device for 30-days/1-month. So, if there are 12 Credits in your account, it means you can remotely monitoring and managing your Teltonika devices, for a period of 1-year.

If you bought credits and want to start using them, it depends how you got them. If they were just added to your company as a pool, you can activate credit usage in the SERVICES → DEVICE MONITORING page. To make a device start using a credit, turn the SERVICE slider to ‘on’.

If you received your purchased code, you need to activate that code to get your credits. Go to SERVICES → CREDIT POOLS, hover on the CREDIT POOLS drop-down and click ‘Activate code’.

How to distribute credits among RMS profiles?

To move credit(s) go to Settings and Credits panel. Which is located in the top right corner of your screen. You will get a drop-down menu. Here you can move any number of available credits from one company to another.

  1. There you will be able to find the Credits
  2. Next, click on Move credits
  3. Select move from company
  4. And select move to company.
  5. Enter the number of credits to move and click on the Move

  6. At the top of your screen, you will get a notification: Activate operation completed successfully.