Teltonika RMS Mobile App

Discover the New Features and Updates

The Teltonika RMS mobile app, available for both iOS and Android devices, has recently been updated with new features and improvements. Enhance your remote management workflow with the latest advancements in the RMS mobile app!

You can download the App on the Google Play store or Appkle store.

RMS VPN Support for Android

You can now create and manage VPN hubs and Quick Connect instances directly from your Android device. This feature allows you to secure your remote infrastructure with robust VPN connections without needing extra protocols or servers. We handle the complex configurations in the background, making it easy and efficient for you.

Enhanced Device Management

Manage device tags and monitor hardware utilization and port status effortlessly. The update also expands company and user administration capabilities, including tag management and device assignment monitoring. Android users can access device parameter statistics assigned to specific tags, providing deeper insights into device performance.

Why You Should Use the RMS App

Device Registration and Monitoring

Registering devices is a breeze, whether via QR scanning or manually. Once registered, you can monitor the status of your devices, including online/offline status and WAN information, ensuring you always have a clear view of your network.

Advanced Access and Management

Gain direct access to WebUI and CLI for advanced configurations and management tasks. Manage your licenses efficiently, reboot devices remotely, and perform firmware updates to keep your devices up to date. Backup uploading and management are also made simple, ensuring your data is always secure.

Comprehensive Reporting and Administration

Create and manage single or periodic reports to keep track of your network’s performance. The app also supports extensive user and company administration, allowing you to manage user roles, invitations, and company files with ease.