RMS License – 1000 Credits

RMS License – 1000 Credits

 3.000,00 Excluding tax

The Teltonika RMS License Standard pack is a license consisting of 100 months/credits for the Remote Management of Teltonika routers. The package can be used in accordance with the client’s wishes, because the credits can be distributed over multiple routers.

For example, you can use the package of 100 months/credits as an annual license for 8 routers: 12 months/credits x 8 = 96 months/credits. The remaining 4 months/credits your customer can use for a project with 1 router for 4 months: 1 x 4 months/credits = 4 months/credits.

A graduated discount applies to the new RMS packages. The more credits you purchase, the less they cost each. There are also packages with 12 RMS credits, 24 RMS credits, 100 RMS credits and 250 RMS credits. Once you buy, you will be provided with a code that will be generated and can be added to your Teltonika RMS Account.

NOTE: For each router you wish to remotely manage, you must purchase the desired number of months/credits. The credits in each RMS package are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

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RMS License – 1000 Credits

Purchasing an Enterprise pack of more than 250 credits? Reach out to sales@instantbuyrms.com for a quotation!

Manage Teltonika routers remotely with Remote Management

Teltonika’s Remote Management System (RMS) is designed to allow remote monitoring and management of RUT routers, even if they do not have a public IP address. From your PC or laptop, you (or your customer) can view the status of the devices and configure them if required. Purchasing our RMS License – 1000 credits pack will give you a single code you can use to add 3000 RMS credits to your account.

Features Teltonika RMS

  • Remotely connected to Teltonika equipment
  • Clear user interface
  • Access and manage your routers and gateways
  • Also access to devices connected to Teltonika routers
  • Real-time alerts with status messages
  • Update multiple devices
  • Run reports
  • Access via HTTP/HTTPS or SSH and configure with WEB UI or CLI
  • Checked symbol Suitable for Windows, Mac and Linux

Accessibility and security

Your devices will not be dependent on having a public IP address for remote access, decreasing maintenance costs and increasing effectiveness. A secure MQTT connection ensures there is no tampering between the device and server.

Maintenance and diagnostics

Receive performance indicators like temperature, signal strength and most relevant device details. For proactive diagnostics – remotely reboot devices, download troubleshooting or system event files for in-depth health analysis.

Centralized system

Access, monitor and control your entire router fleet from within a single, web browser-based interface. Compatible with most browsers across all platforms, requires no installation or additional plug-ins.

Remote Connect 

RMS’ Remote Connect functionality allows you to connect directly to devices connected to the router. Remote Connect includes Remote Desktop, Remote SSH and Remote HTTP(S).

Save costs with over-the-air firmware (FOTA) and configuration updates

Deploy the desired configuration template or new firmware version to multiple routers or groups of routers at the same time. This over-the-air bulk upgrade (FOTA) and configuration provides significant cost savings.

Reporting tools can help improve the performance of your network

RMS can help you improve the performance and efficiency of your network. It contains reporting tools that allow you to compile customized reports. For example, with elements such as router availability, performance and exceptions. If you know how your network is performing, you can anticipate.

Requesting a Teltonika Remote Management System (RMS license)

You can request your desired RMS License pack by adding this service to your shopping cart or by emailing us at sales@instantbuyrms.com or by calling us. We will then take care of the further processing.

How to Create and Activate RMS Credit Codes

Activating Teltonika RMS resource codes

Teltonika has written a handy wiki page where you can find a tutorial on how to activate RMS resource codes. Please take a look at it here!

Supporting documents

This supporting documentation can help you quickly get up to speed and use your RMS license codes: RMS Management

RMS Connect


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